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Kerryn Jamieson Golf offers 1 on 1 private coaching with Kerryn Jamieson himself. Yearly coaching programs using state of the art technology with Swing Catalysts, FlightScope and lesson notes and videos to review at home. Or come and do a TPI screening to find out the potential of your own body and the golf swing. Locations coaching are available at includes. Windross Farm, Pakuranga Golf Club and Formosa Golf Resort
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Cathy, 2 years in a row
Under Kerryn coaching I was have won the Ladies Senior Club Championships 2 years in a row. Kerryn has helped me to improve what I needed to improve to acheive the goals I had. Highly recommended.

Johnny, Club Champion
After working with Kerryn I was able to improve my techniques in both long and short game. Kerryn taught me how to practice more efficently and as a consiquence I won the Senior Club Championship with a record score.

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