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If your child is looking to get into golf and grow a real love for the game, it is key for them to have the skills for them to have to confidence to play in tournaments. Our programs help junior golfers to build the correct mindset for golf, create good fundamental skill sets, and develop the confidence needed to compete. Click on more information to read on. More Information  
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What is your improvement system?
Our improvement system is based on "hats". The hats are based on the distances. For example, the red hat equals 90 meters, white hat equals 135 meters and blue hat equals 180 meters. In order to move up to the next hat category the junior golfer must score 39 or less for each distance. Your child will be taught skills based on his or her hat level in order to improve their performance in tournament Golf.
Which program should I choose?
Bring them out to a free session and based on this we will evaluate their skills and put them in our improvement system.
Do they need to have previous experience in tournaments?
No, each class is broken up by skill level. This means the junior golfers will be playing and learning with others who have the similar experience and skill as them.
How do I pay for my child's program?
We accept all credit cards on our on line registration. You will have the option to pay in full or in a series of payments.
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Kerryn Jamieson
Kerryn Jamieson and Conrad Ray
Conrad Ray, Head coach at Stanford University

Henry Wang
Henry Wang College Golf Camp Winner
Kerryn has helped me to improve my game and I was fortunate enough to go to America with Kerryn and I won the College Golf Camp

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